Commercial Insurance

Converse Insurance Offers Commercial Insurance For Texas Business

Doing business entails certain risks that can upset your careful planning for growth. Commercial insurance is designed to cover many of these risks, so you can keep your business plan on track. A variety of commercial insurance policies are available from which to choose. At Converse Insurance in Fort Worth, Texas, we can help you find the right insurance for your unique business needs.

What Is Commercial Insurance?

Although you may be a careful entrepreneur that plans your moves carefully, unexpected events can occur at any time. Your company may be involved in an accident, a natural disaster, or a sudden lawsuit that disrupts your financial plans. Commercial insurance provides funds to deal with common business disruptions, so you can continue to grow your business as planned. Each business has unique insurance needs that should be addressed as you consider your commercial coverage.

Types of Commercial Insurance

Most businesses require a general liability policy to provide coverage for accidents and lawsuits. You may use vehicles in your business for carrying personnel and equipment or for delivery. These vehicles will require commercial auto coverage to cover damage to property and to cover injury to individuals. Worker's compensation insurance is required by most states to cover the costs of medical treatment for workers who are injured on the job and for lost wages. If you design and manufacture a product, you may need product liability coverage. Professionals often require insurance to cover “errors and omissions” that may occur in the practice of their profession. If you own your business property, you will need property insurance to defray costs of damage to your building. Even home businesses need certain levels of coverage.

Make Converse Insurance Your Agent For Commercial Insurance Coverage

At Converse Insurance, we can provide the answer to your questions to make thoughtful decisions about your coverage needs. We offer a number of insurance products for our clients, for home, auto, and business. Contact Converse Insurance today for your free, no-obligation quote on commercial insurance to help protect your company’s financial interests.

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