Really impressed with the service I have received from Converse. My agent has helped walk me through any and every process I have needed help with. Questions about home buying, first time home buying, loans, flood insurance, you name it. And, on top of that has helped to save me money by shopping out the best carriers that provide great coverage at a great price. Thanks Converse!

- Alexander Pingel

Chase has built a great brokerage agency and is extremely knowledgeable about insurance options. He helped me get a lot more home insurance coverage for practically the same cost that I had before except far better protection and helped me get away from my bad insurance carrier before. Will do business with again!

- Emily Berman

The people at Converse Insurance were extremely knowledgeable and kind when helping me with my home and auto insurance. Buying a new home was overwhelming but they broke everything down for me so it was a quick and easy process, plus I got an amazing deal. I would highly recommend them to anyone wanting to insure anything!

- Rutledge Pate

Chase really knows what he is talking about. He was wonderful in explaining which coverage was best for me. His entire team was friendly and helpful.

- Ashley Pingel

My lanta these guys are amazing! Helpful, fast, and reliable. Chase saved me 32% on my home and auto. Money in the bank.

- Kris Karnes

Chase has been a reliable and professional help at every turn .

- Rob Quiroga

Great service and very knowledgeable. If you have an issue you will speak directly to the agent.

- Stephen Leverett